Originally from Belfast I initially studied Contemporary Crafts in England before beginning the CCOI Pottery Skills course, in Thomastown, to improve the technical side of my work.


Thomastown gradually worked it's charm on me and I worked with several great potters over nearly seven years.  More recently I moved back to Northern Ireland to take part in the Making It Programme.


I now work from an old textiles mill in Belfast.  From the workshop in Owen O'Cork Mill I make my tableware sold in shops around the UK and Ireland as well as teaching pottery workshops.



The work I make is mostly for food.... my other love in life!  I make pottery to be used in the kitchen, serving family and friends, especially my coffee pots which I can make to measure if you break your own.  I try to make pieces that a fit into how you cook, my sister asked me to make her a small flat based bowl with a pouring spout for mixing marinades for her famous curry nights!


Registered with the Teaching Council of Ireland

Garda Clearance

Child Protection Training through Crafts Council of Ireland

Ba Honours in Contemporary Crafts

Foundation Diploma In Art and Design



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